Columbus, Ohio Must Be Rolling in Dough-$5.5 Million for a Bike Path!

The following except came from COLUMBUS CITY COUNCIL MEETING HIGHLIGHTS (For Immediate Release: September 23, 2013)

BIKEWAY ADDITIONS: Columbus is committed to becoming the most bike-friendly community possible, and the creation of trails and recreational spaces is an important component of that plan. Recreation and Parks Committee chair Zach M. Klein is sponsoring ordinance 2114-2013 to fund the Goodale Street Bikeway Project. The $5,570,703.00 project will build a dedicated trail facility along Goodale Street, providing access for downtown workers and residents of Harrison West and Grandview Heights to the Olentangy Trail and the Arena District. The project increases safety for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. The work for which proposals were invited consists of the following: Construction of trail improvements along Goodale Street, from Olentangy River Road to Michigan Avenue, including a connector ramp to the Olentangy Trail. Work items for the project include bridge construction, concrete, lighting, asphalt pavement, signage, and maintenance of traffic.

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