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Study due for 99-mile river corridor in SW Ohio

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is doing a study on the Great Miami River from Sidney, Ohio to Cincinnati, Ohio. They have 15 local governments signed on to help pay for a portion of the study. This sounds very similar to what is happening in NE Ohio with 12 counties being organized under one un-elected body for the purported purpose of cleaning up Lake Erie and promoting economic development. Also in central Ohio Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) has done “watershed development plans” for the Big Walnut Creek, the Olentangy River, and the Upper Scioto River.  The real question that needs answered is is this really about protecting the environment or is it about making sure that un-elected boards control the water rather than the citizen? To read more click on this link

Are your local government officials using your tax dollars to advance Agenda 21?

Earth GlobeGuest Column from Wendy Sizemore, Pickaway County , OH

I am just one of many Pickaway County residents who are very proud of our Pickaway County Commissioners decision to withdraw from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.  The Pickaway County Commissioners not only did Pickaway County a favor by withdrawing from MORPC but central Ohio and America as well.  By withdrawing they have opened a conversation that is long past due.  It is time for the elected officials in other municipalities to show the leadership that the Pickaway County Commissioners have showed and not be willing to sell out America for a road grant that they can probably get on their own. Continue reading